Mesothelioma Survival Rate

Approximately 55 percent of mesothelioma survival rate patients live longer than 6 months, while roughly 35 percent live longer than one year. Only 9 percent of people diagnosed with mesothelioma survive longer than 5 years.

What Is Survival Rate?

Median survival rate refers to the percentage of people who live a certain amount of time after receiving a mesothelioma diagnosis. The 5-year survival rate is a standard statistic used for many types of cancer. However, because mesothelioma cancer is so deadly, many people also refer to 1-year survival rates, as well.

Survival rate should not be confused with life expectancy, which refers to the average length of time patients with mesothelioma live. Together, both of these statistics can provide information about an individual’s prognosis.

Survival rate also should not be confused with mesothelioma mortality rate. Mortality rate is a statistic used by health organizations and governmental agencies to understand the prevalence of a disease in a given area (such as a country, state or city).

Survival Rates for Mesothelioma

The latest data shows better survival rates than ever. Specifically, a 2015 meta-study looked at 20 years worth of results from 1992 – 2012, and during that period the two major forms of mesothelioma (pleural and peritoneal) have both seen an improvement in survivorship.

According to the study, survival for peritoneal mesothelioma patients has shown significant improvement, largely due to new forms of treatment, such as hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC).

Mesothelioma Survivors

Numbers and statistics are one thing, but behind those numbers are real people. Some of those people have beat the odds and defied the dismal survival rates to become long-term mesothelioma survivors. Here are a few of those survivors’ stories.


How much should I trust survival rate statistics?

Mesothelioma survival rates are determined by a standard measure known as the relative 5-year survival rate, which indicates how many patients are still alive 5 years after being diagnosed with the disease.

According to the most reliable studies, the relative 5-year survival rate for mesothelioma is about 9 percent, which is better than it was a decade or more ago. However, this simplified number does not tell the whole story. As shown above, survival rate can depend heavily on the type of mesothelioma a person has, what treatment options are available to them, and certain other health and lifestyle factors.

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